Surviving McCoy – E.K. MCCOY

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Today’s review is a review I have been looking forward to write for months now and finally the day has come. I read this book about months ago and I posted it on my Instagram already. I had to process that I finished it and I had to read it another time because I just loved this book so much.

This book is highly recommended.

Surviving McCoy – @e.k.mccoy

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Guys I started reading this book with excitement but as a read each pages gripped my attention more and more and I got so into the book that I finished in less than two days. The book started off where E.k. Mccoy was only a little baby unwanted by her two sisters Charlie and Liz, two year old Charlie didn’t know how much her life was changing all she cared about was getting a little puppy when little baby Emily was brought home and introduced to her two sisters they were not very impressed and they called her a little puppy for years Emily was treated like a puppy by her sister as Emily was a baby her mother quit her job to take care of her and  het two sisters. On one beautiful their mother decided to take them to the park for the day and as everyone know little kids runs around and Emily’s mom had three little girls to keep eye over and unfortunately there was thst one split second she looked away and Emily was gone her baby girl was kidnapped by a special needs man he did not mean any harm to Emily he just wanted to play with the baby doll. As Emily grew up they went on holiday and Emily was finally old enough to go in deeper water to surf with her sister and Emily enjoyed it because for once they were not picking on her but that didn’t stop Mr shark to come say hello Emily was almost eaten by a shark. As the book goes on guys you get more into the book and I really want to write more about this book but if I were to write more I’d give all the amazing adventures you go through with E. K. Mccoy and her family from happy times to time where she has lost her beloved grandfather poppy as I read about her grandfather poppy in this book my heart felt so warm because he is the perfect grandfather. This book was one of the most amazing book journeys I went through and just to think I’m currently reading another E. K. Mccoy book.

I can’t even explain how much I loved this book but my rating is 10000000/10 stars. I am still mad at myself for reading this book so fast. E.K. MCCOY did a brilliant job writing this book!

There are moments in life when a touch can say so much more than words ever could.
E.K. McCoy


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